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As the best practices and procedures in the regulatory environment and corporate governance evolve,
AAA Lenders proactively provides the critical information necessary to stay informed while mitigating
potential issues.

We use the following mechanisms:

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Data Security Mechanisms

We take our responsibility for information security and data protection very seriously by using the best data security mechanisms. The careful and safe handling of all personal data is one of the core aspects of our operations and is the basis for our workflows and processes.

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Security Suites and Controls

Assessing data privacy and cybersecurity risks and responding to any data breach incidents are essential to any investment company today. At AAA Lenders, we use robust data security controls to safe guard sensitive and confidential information and to have a countermeasure against its unlawful or unauthorized use.

Data Security Protocols

We use the following data security protocols to keep information secure:

 -> Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

-> Transport Layer Security (TLS)

-> Secure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (SHTP)

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Data Privacy Legal Support

We are committed to your privacy. AAA Lenders wants you to know that our policy is to protect and safe guard any information you provide us through our website and other means with care and security. Our team partners with leading expert partners, supported by professional support lawyers who specialize in data privacy.

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