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Personal Touch

Every interaction we have with our clients and partners has a personalized touch,reflecting our commitment to exceptional service and customized solutions that make a difference.

Unlocking Unique Investment Opportunities

AAA Lenders Inc purchases performing and non-performing asset portfolios from banks and financial
institutions. We invest in a diverse range of asset classes, such as distressed real estate. We understand
the value of these charged-off accounts to our clients, partners, credit and financial markets, and the
broader US economy and are happy to play our part in improving the economy.

Our expertise includes leveraged commercial loans and private, securitized and distressed assets. We buy commercial and consumer portfolios from banks and financial companies.

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About AAA Lenders

The vision of AAA Lenders is to create a professional business and create value for clients by investing in the non-performing loan industry. We are proud to be a part of asset acquisition and receivables management and work with institutional and private investors, such as banks and other creditors holding distressed loans.

We have also spent extensive time and effort in developing a network of outsourced and law firm vendors that cover different stages of the recovery lifecycle nationwide.

Experience and Expertise

Industry-leading lenders, banks, and other financial institutions have been working with AAA Lenders in the acquisition as well as servicing of performing, non-performing, insolvent and distressed receivables.

Our team of asset management and financial investment experts can work with you in order to boost your bottom line with customized and unique solutions that maximize the value of your receivables.

We invest in asset and portfolio purchases and distressed assets and have specialized knowledge and experience in the non-performing and distressed asset industry.

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Comprehensive Services

AAA Lenders provides a wide range of financial services, such as accounts receivable management, invoicing solutions, and third-party collection services. We work with honesty and are constantly in touch with the current market. AAA Lenders is compliant and focused on generating value.

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AAA Lenders Partner Law Firms and Associate Companies

We are proud to be a prominent buyer of non-performing ad NPL portfolios in the US. We work with experienced law firms and other partner companies to ensure consumers are treated with care and respect.

AAA Lenders gets empowered from our wide and extensive law firm network that enables us to excel in various stages of the recovery lifecycle. We believe that the stronger the network, the more collective success is comparatively simpler to achieve. We have spent extensive energy and effort to onboard some of the best recovery law firms in the country. Our law firms utilize a powerful array of tech tools and platforms in identifying, tracing, seizing, and recovering assets.

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