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About Us

AAA Lenders Inc was founded to take a creative and entrepreneurial approach to value-add and opportunistic real estate. We are a financial investment and real estate development and investment firm investing in commercial real estate, single-family residential and distressed assets. AAA Lenders acquires performing and non-performing distressed portfolios from various asset classes. Our team understands the value of these charged-off accounts to our valued clients, credit markets and capital markets, and the broader economy. 

AAA Lenders Inc strives to invest in all sectors as a trusted buyer of distressed assets for strategic, non-performing, performing SFRs, and most types of commercial loans. We identify market inefficiencies by diligently studying areas on a micro and macro level. AAA Lenders understands that every investment is unique and carries specific risks. We also know that the difference between an under-performing and performing asset can often come down to seemingly innocuous variables and factors that some developers or operators may miss in their due diligence.

AAA Lenders works directly with financial institutions, such as banks, to procure portfolios of accounts and service them fairly while remaining compliant with applicable laws. To ensure our clients are treated with care, AAA Lenders utilizes reliable and professional partner law firms to perform recovery services ethically and legally on our behalf.

At AAA Lenders, we have extensive experience and knowledge in the commercial real estate industry and a deep understanding of the various fundamentals in the CRE distressed loan market. We focus on executing the development or repositioning of commercial, multi-family, and distressed assets targeting value-add and opportunistic returns. AAA Lenders focuses on identifying mispricing and dislocation while maintaining an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset with rich and vibrant workplace culture.

Our Team

Our uniquely experienced and knowledgeable management team has decades of combined real estate experience and broad investment expertise and industry relationships in order to source compelling and profitable opportunities.

Our team has a proven track record of delivering above-market risk-adjusted returns for all our investors, clients, and partners. Our projects and investments are diversified across various asset classes, geographies, and within various financial products throughout the capital structure. AAA Lenders aims to create asymmetric and high-return investment opportunities for clients through proprietary sourcing strategies and intensive value-add.

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Core Beliefs

Our core belief is that basic fundamentals drive solid and risk-adjusted returns. AAA Lenders believes we have one of the best analytics teams in CRE, and by studying each asset, we are able to find properties and assets that fit our risk-reward profile.

Our Values


We act with honesty and integrity to develop trust and build long-term relationships with our clients.


We are passionate and committed to our goals, with excellent knowledge of the industry. 


We treat every one of our clients with care respect. 

Types of Investments

 Property portfolios and individual assets in need of capital improvements, repositioning, orleasing solutions

 Distressed real estate assets and properties foreclosed by lenders

 Individual distressed bank loans that are secured by a property

 Real estate held by corporations and banks that need capital

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