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About Us

AAA Lenders Inc was established with a visionary and entrepreneurial approach to add value in the dynamic world of real estate. Our core expertise lies in financial investments, real estate development, and prudent investments in a diverse array of real estate categories, including commercial properties, single-family residences, and distressed assets. AAA Lenders specializes in acquiring both performing and non-performing distressed portfolios spanning various asset classes, recognizing the significance of these charged-off accounts to our esteemed clients, credit markets, capital markets, and the broader economic landscape.


We at AAA Lenders Inc are committed to being a trusted buyer of distressed assets across all sectors, including strategic, non-performing, and performing single-family residences, as well as various types of commercial loans. Our success stems from our meticulous analysis of both micro and macro market inefficiencies. We understand that each investment is unique, carrying specific risks, and that the distinction between an underperforming and performing asset often hinges on seemingly inconspicuous variables that other developers or operators might overlook during their due diligence.


AAA Lenders collaborates directly with financial institutions, including banks, to procure portfolios of accounts and manages them with fairness while adhering to all applicable laws and regulations. To ensure the welfare of our clients, AAA Lenders engages reliable and professional partner law firms to conduct recovery services ethically and in full compliance with the law.


 Our team at AAA Lenders boasts extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the commercial real estate industry, with a profound understanding of the various fundamentals in the distressed commercial real estate loan market. We prioritize the execution of development or repositioning initiatives for commercial, multi-family, and distressed assets, always with a focus on achieving value-added and opportunistic returns. Our unique strength lies in our ability to identify mispricing and dislocation while maintaining an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset, fostering a vibrant and enriching workplace culture.

Our Team

Our exceptionally seasoned and adept management team boasts decades of collective experience in the real estate arena, alongside extensive investment expertise and an extensive network of industry connections, all of which enable us to uncover compelling and lucrative opportunities.

With a proven track record, our team consistently delivers returns that surpass market benchmarks while ensuring a balanced level of risk for our investors, clients, and partners. Our project portfolio and investments exhibit diversification across a spectrum of asset classes, geographical regions, and various financial products integrated throughout the capital structure. At AAA Lenders, our primary objective is to craft investmzent opportunities that offer high returns with an asymmetric risk profile, achieved through proprietary sourcing strategies and a steadfast commitment to value addition.

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Core Beliefs

At the heart of our investment philosophy lies the firm conviction that fundamental principles are the catalyst for achieving robust and risk-adjusted returns. At AAA Lenders, we take pride in our unwavering faith in the process of our analytical team within the commercial real estate (CRE) domain. Through a meticulous examination of each asset, we diligently unearth properties and assets that seamlessly align with our sought-after risk-reward profile.

Our Values


Our approach is rooted in unwavering honesty and integrity, aimed at cultivating trust and nurturing enduring partnerships with our clients. Trust is paramount in our interactions. Our commitment to honesty and unwavering integrity serves as the cornerstone of our efforts to foster enduring relationships with our valued clients.


We wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to our objectives, fueled by our extensive industry expertise and unwavering commitment. Passion is the driving force behind our unwavering commitment to our objectives, underpinned by our exceptional industry expertise.


Our dedication to our goals is fueled by our passion and unwavering commitment, underpinned by our excellent industry knowledge. Fairness is a cornerstone of our approach. Our unwavering commitment to our goals is fueled by our deep industry knowledge and passion.

Types of Investments

 Property portfolios and individual assets in need of capital improvements, repositioning, orleasing solutions

 Distressed real estate assets and properties foreclosed by lenders

 Individual distressed bank loans that are secured by a property

 Real estate held by corporations and banks that need capital

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