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AAA Lenders as an Asset Managing Partner!!

Selling assets, such as distressed and charged-off accounts, is a crucial element of creditors' comprehensive and ongoing recovery strategies. This practice allows creditors to assess the effectiveness of their collection methods and generates immediate cash flow from accounts that might otherwise be challenging to recover.

The process of selling receivables portfolios can be quite diverse, depending on the types of loans and the states in which these loans were originated. AAA Lenders takes a consultative approach to assist creditors in selling their accounts. We work with creditors who have well-established processes for asset sales and those who are new to this practice.

We encourage creditors to engage with our experienced team to delve into the selling process in greater detail. Together, we can develop a comprehensive plan that aims to maximize the portfolio's value while minimizing risks for both the creditor and AAA Lenders. This collaborative approach ensures a smooth and mutually beneficial transaction.

As an asset management partner, AAA Lenders specializes in the acquisition, servicing, and recovery of nonperforming and distressed consumer receivables. Our role involves purchasing these accounts from original creditors, and subsequently, we place them with our network of professional law firms to engage consumers and work towards settling outstanding balances.

We play a pivotal role in helping creditors recover value from otherwise challenging or stagnant accounts while adhering to legal and regulatory compliance. Our expertise lies in effectively managing and maximizing the value of these assets, all within the framework of ethical and lawful practices.

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Benefits in Partnering with AAA

  • Immediate Liquidity

The primary motivation for finance companies to sell non-performing accounts to AAA Lenders is the immediate payment transfer at the time of the transaction's closure. This provides a compelling and powerful benefit, but the advantages of commercial asset selling go beyond this immediate gain. Here are some additional benefits:


Resource Allocation: Selling non-performing accounts frees up internal staff to concentrate on accounts that are in earlier stages of the past-due cycle and have a higher likelihood of recovery. This strategic reallocation of resources can improve overall collection efficiency.


Risk Mitigation: Commercial asset selling is a future-proof strategy that guarantees a definite return upon closing the transaction. This certainty contrasts with the risk of holding onto non-performing accounts, which may yield lower returns over an extended period. By transferring these assets, finance companies can mitigate future uncertainties.


In essence, finance companies benefit from selling non-performing accounts to AAA Lenders not only for the immediate payment but also for the ability to optimize resource allocation and minimize long-term risks. This approach aligns with prudent financial management and strategic planning.

  • Sellers Empowerment

The decision of what and when to sell to AAA Lenders is at the discretion of the lenders and lessors. Typically, the optimal time to sell is at the charge-off stage, also known as the write-off stage. At this point, an account has been managed internally, and the balance has been written down to zero.


Different companies have varying preferences regarding the assets they choose to sell to us. Some companies opt to sell all their charge-offs, while others decide to create asset pools for sale based on factors such as vintage, geography, asset quality, outstanding balance, or pool size. This flexibility allows companies to tailor their approach to best align with their specific business and financial objectives.

  • Evaluation

If you're new to commercial asset selling and represent an equipment finance company, bank, credit union, online commercial lender, or merchant cash-advance business, the AAA Team is here to assist you. We understand that you may have questions and need guidance in this process. We're prepared to answer your inquiries and provide you with the information you need to get started.


Additionally, we offer a free, no-obligation price estimate for the pool of assets you're contemplating selling. This estimate can help you assess the potential benefits of selling your assets and make informed decisions about how to proceed. Our goal is to support you in maximizing the value of your assets while ensuring a seamless and transparent process.

  • Established Wide Lawyer Firm Network

  AAA Lenders draws its strength from an expansive and diverse law firm network, which enables us to excel at various stages of the recovery lifecycle. We firmly believe that the strength of our network simplifies the achievement of collective success. To this end, we have invested substantial energy and effort into onboarding some of the finest recovery law firms in the country.


This robust network empowers us to provide comprehensive support to our clients, with the assurance that we have the expertise and resources needed to navigate the complexities of the recovery process. We are committed to delivering effective, ethical, and legally compliant solutions to debt recovery, and our network of law firms plays a central role in achieving this mission.


  • Data & Technology Driven Approach

With a data-driven, next-generation, tech-savvy approach and a wealth of industry experience, AAA Lenders partners with clients in a comprehensive capacity. Beyond recovery efforts, we assist in the evaluation, acquisition, and servicing of consumer receivables portfolios originating from a range of installment loans and revolving credit lines.

As a national and regional buyer, we have developed and employ sophisticated property evaluation models. These models help us assess the value and potential of various portfolios, aiding in the decision-making process. Additionally, we have a proven network of service providers who support our operations and ensure a seamless and efficient workflow.

Our holistic approach, combining data-driven insights, industry expertise, and a reliable network, allows us to deliver comprehensive solutions that benefit our clients in various aspects of the consumer credit market.

  • Huge Asset Scoring Database

  Our Executive Team has created a proprietary scoring database, which is currently recognized as the largest and most accurate database in the industry. This database enables AAA Lenders Inc to offer a premium for specific account segments, ultimately maximizing revenue for the creditor. With our extensive experience in acquiring assets and recovering outstanding account balances, AAA Lenders is the ideal partner for many creditors. Our track record and expertise make us a trusted and knowledgeable partner in the industry, ensuring a successful collaboration.

AAA Lenders as Asset buying Partner: Our Differentiating Factors

Our Offerings

 AAA Lenders specializes in the acquisition of a wide variety of loans, cash advances, lines of credit, and commercial credit card accounts. These accounts may have personal guarantees or not, be secured or unsecured, and fall under various stages, from pre-agency to post-agency, pre-litigation, and reduced to judgment. Our scope of expertise covers:

  • Consumer Accounts

  • Non-performing commercial accounts

  • Online small business lenders

  • Banks and Credit Unions

  • Auto Loans

  • Mortgages

  • Diverse Range of Recoverable Asset types

 We have experience in handling various account types and asset classes, including commercial loans, consumer loans, payday loans, auto loans, installment loans, fintech accounts, and many others. Our executive team's active involvement in receivables management industry trade associations keeps us informed about industry changes, ensuring we stay at the forefront of evolving dynamics in our field. Our diverse asset portfolio allows us to adapt and remain resilient even during economic downturns and adverse market situations.


  • Strong Compliant Legal Framework

 Furthermore, AAA Lenders operates within a strong and compliant legal framework. Our professional approach, coupled with our partner law firm network, ensures full compliance under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and other relevant laws and regulations. Our law firms are not only compliant but also fully authorized to collect outstanding account balances. They represent a range of clients, including U.S. and international office holders such as trustees, liquidators, receivers, investors, and creditors. These law firms possess the knowledge and skills to handle cases across various areas of the business, specializing in the collection of past-due accounts and the defense against claims based on violations of several acts and practices, including the FDCPA, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Unfair Trade Practices Act, and Breach of Contract. Our attorneys and legal professionals prioritize a personalized approach, offering in-depth knowledge and tailored solutions, consistent with the expectations of a boutique law firm.

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AAA Lenders recognizes that we are strategically positioned to translate net growth into increased net revenue for all stakeholders. We understand that opportunities, whether they are substantial or more modest in scale, are worth pursuing. Our flexible business model and strategies are designed to accommodate portfolio purchases of all sizes. In this approach, return on investment (ROI) potential is influenced more by pricing strategies than by short-term liquidation rates. This positioning provides us with a competitive advantage and a broader range of opportunities, allowing us to effectively navigate and thrive in the market.

Consistency is Key

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  • Industry Expertise and Ethics

AAA Lenders boasts comprehensive expertise in the recovery of non-performing receivables. We have invested in developing our proprietary technology and analytics to enhance our understanding of the true value of portfolios. This combination of industry knowledge and advanced technology empowers us to effectively evaluate, acquire, and recover assets, ultimately maximizing their value for both creditors and our organization.

  • Ease of Business

Our approach to closing deals is designed to be quick and straightforward. We simply request basic information about the pool of assets you intend to sell. Subsequently, we evaluate these assets using our scoring models and databases. Based on this assessment, we make an offer. Once the Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA) is executed, the accounts are transferred to AAA Lenders, and full payment is promptly remitted to the client.

We're flexible in our engagement approach and can work with you on a single transaction or in multiple engagements over time. Many of our partners opt for a forward-flow relationship, where they regularly sell non-performing products to us at a pre-approved price. In forward-flow relationships, transactions are often handled online, streamlining the process even further, with payment typically wired within 24 hours. Our aim is to make the asset selling process as efficient and hassle-free as possible for our clients.

  • Best Industry Pricing

AAA Lenders is committed to providing competitive and flexible pricing to our clients. Our pricing structure is rooted in decades of historical data and our overarching objective of establishing long-term relationships with our partners. We are dedicated to offering competitive and aggressive prices that accurately reflect the fair market value of the assets being transacted. Our pricing model is designed to be fair, transparent, and mutually beneficial, ensuring that both parties find value in the transaction.

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