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AAA Lenders as an Asset Managing Partner!!

Creditors consider selling asset as part of a comprehensive and ongoing recovery strategy for distressed and charged-off accounts. By selling accounts, creditors are able to benchmark the value of their other collection strategies while creating immediate cash flow from otherwise difficult or stagnant accounts.


The process for selling receivables portfolios will vary based on the types of loans and the states in which you originate loans. AAA Lenders assists creditors with a consultative approach to selling their accounts. We work with creditors that have established processes for asset sales as well as creditors that have never sold before. We invite creditors to speak with our experienced team to discuss the process in more detail and establish a thorough plan to ensure we maximize the portfolio’s value while minimizing risks for both the creditor and us.

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Benefits in Partnering with AAA

  • Immediate Liquidity

The No. 1 reason finance companies sell non-performing accounts to AAA is to earn immediate payment transfer at closing. This is a powerful benefit, but commercial asset selling offers other advantages, too. It frees up internal staff to focus on accounts that are earlier in the past-due cycle and more likely to be recovered. It’s also a future-proof strategy, providing a definite return at closing versus risking lower returns years from now.

  • Sellers Empowerment

It’s your choice when deciding what and when to sell to AAA. For most lenders and lessors, the best time to sell is at charge-off, also known as the write-off stage, after an account has been worked internally and the balance has been written down to zero. Some companies prefer to sell all their charge-offs to us. Others determine the pool of assets being sold by vintage, geography, quality, balance and/or pool size.

  • Evaluation

New to commercial asset selling? If you are with an equipment finance company, bank, credit union, online commercial lender or merchant cash-advance business, AAA Team is ready to answer your questions and get you started. We will provide a free, no-obligation price estimate on the pool of assets you are considering selling.

  • Established Wide Lawyer Firm Network

 AAA Lenders gets empowered from our wide and extensive law firm network that enables us to excel in various stages of recovery lifecycle. We believe that stronger the network, the collective success is comparatively simpler to achieve. We have spent extensive energy and effort to onboard some of the best recovery law firms in the country.


  • Data & Technology Driven Approach

Our Data driven next generation tech savvy approach coupled with enriched industry experience, we partner with our clients not just in recovery but also in evaluating, acquiring, and servicing consumer receivables portfolios originated as a variety of installment loans and revolving credit lines.

 We are a national and regional buyer that has developed and uses sophisticated property evaluation models and have a proven network of service providers.


  • Huge Asset Scoring Database

 Our Executive Team has developed a proprietary scoring database which is considered to be the largest and most accurate existing in the industry today. This allows AAA Lenders Inc to pay a premium for those segments of accounts, maximizing revenue for the Creditor. AAA Lenders is the right asset Assets partner for many creditors because we have many years of experience acquiring Assets and recovering account balances.

AAA Lenders as Asset buying Partner: Our Differentiating Factors

Our Offerings

We purchase loans, cash advances, lines of credit and commercial credit card accounts that have personal guarantees, no personal guarantees, are secured, unsecured, pre-agency, post-agency, pre-litigation and/or reduced to judgment.

  • Consumer Accounts

  • Non-performing commercial accounts

  • Online small business lenders

  • Banks and Credit Unions

  • Auto Loans

  • Mortgages

  • Diverse Range of Recoverable Asset types

 Our experience extends across many different account types and Asset classes including Commercial loans, Consumers Loans Payday Loans. auto loans, and installment loans, fintech accounts and many others. Our executive team is deeply rooted in leadership positions in receivables management industry trade associations, keeping us on the forefront of changes affecting our business. This diversity of assets keeps us unaffected even in Economic downtimes and adverse market situations.


  • Strong Compliant Legal Framework

 With thoroughly professional approach, AAA lenders and partner law firm network represent creditors in the recovery of accounts with full compliance under FDCPA laws. AAA lenders and law firms are compliant and fully authorized to collect account balances Our onboarded lawyer firms represent the US and international office holders such as trustees, liquidators, and receivers, as well as investors and creditors. These law firms are equipped with the knowledge and skills to manage cases in all the areas of the business. They specialize in representing businesses for the collection of past due accounts as well as the defense of claims based on violations of several acts and practices, including the Fair Asset Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Unfair Trade Practices Act, and Breach of Contract. These attorneys and lawyers take the time to listen and understand the specific details of each client's case, offering the personalized service, in-depth knowledge, and strengths expected of a boutique law firm.

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We know we are well positioned to convert net growth into increased net revenue for all involved. That being said, we know that opportunities, both large and small, are ones we must continue to explore. Our consistent business model and strategies accommodate portfolio purchases of all sizes, with ROI potential being driven more by price than short term liquidation rates. This gives us a competitive edge and wider playground.

Consistency is Key

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  • Industry Expertise and Ethics

AAA have comprehensive expertise in recovery of non-performing receivables and have developed our proprietary technology and analytics to assist us in understanding the true value of portfolios.

  • Ease of Business

We closed the deal as Quick & Easy. We ask for basic information on the pool of assets you are selling, evaluate the assets using our scoring models and databases, make an offer, and wire payment after the PSA is executed, accounts are transferred to AAA Lenders and payment in full is made to Client. We will work with you in a single engagement or multiple engagements over time, but many sellers establish a forward-flow relationship where they regularly sell us non-performing products at a pre-approved price. Transactions in forward-flow relationships are often handled online and move even faster, with payment wired within 24 hours.

  • Best Industry Pricing

Our pricing is competitive and flexible, based on decades of historical data and our goal of establishing a long-term relationship with you. We offer aggressive prices that reflect the assets’ fair market value.

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