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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Have AAA Lenders Partners Law Firms Contacted Me?
    If you've been contacted by an AAA Lenders partner law firm through a call or email, it signifies that AAA Lenders has acquired your debt, such as credit card debt or auto loans, from the original lender or creditor. We are reaching out to you to collaborate with our law firm network to find a resolution for your account. After acquiring account portfolios, we transfer them to our outsourced law firm network, which then contacts customers directly to help settle the accounts. At AAA Lenders, we are committed to ensuring that customers receive fair and equitable treatment throughout this process. If you have any concerns, problems, or complaints regarding the services provided by our law firm partners, we encourage you to reach out to us. You can submit a report by emailing Shelly Shakya, our Chief Compliance Officer. We take your feedback seriously and will provide a prompt response. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are important to us, and we are here to address any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Why Did AAA Lenders Purchase My Loan or Debt?
    Many financial institutions, such as banks, credit unions, auto lenders, and financial companies, usually transfer a debt obligation, such as credit card debt, or student loan, to another entity. This is done to help return the credit account to good standing, settle the debt, or recoup their investment.  AAA Lenders is in the business of buying nonperforming loans and account portfolios from originating creditors, lenders, and other financial companies. After AAA Lenders purchase a non-performing account, we take ownership of the account. After purchasing NPL portfolios and loans, AAA Lenders’ network of outsourced professional law firms collaborates and works closely with consumers in order to settle outstanding account balances to recoup our investment.  We are proud to have a nationwide network of outsourced law firms that service accounts throughout the various stages of the credit recovery lifecycle.
  • How Can I Settle My Account?
    You should get in touch with the law firm which sent you the letter. You are advised to communicate directly with the law firm that is handling your account to avoid any hassle or inconvenience.
  • What does AAA Lenders do?
    AAA Lenders specializes in the acquisition of distressed and nonperforming consumer receivables, including types of debt such as credit card debt and auto loans. Our core focus is on acquiring and managing these types of accounts to facilitate the resolution of outstanding debts.
  • How do you ensure successful recovery?
    AAA Lenders has spent extensive time and effort in developing a network of outsourced and law firm vendors that cover different stages of the recovery lifecycle nationwide. With a thoroughly professional and conscientious approach, AAA lenders and our partner law firm network represent creditors in the recovery of accounts with full compliance with FDCPA laws and regulations. 
  • Are you authorized to collect past due balances?
    Both AAA Lenders and our partner law firms are committed to compliance with relevant regulations and are fully authorized to collect account balances. We have dedicated significant time and effort to bring on board some of the most reputable recovery law firms in the country. These law firms are equipped with advanced technology tools and platforms that aid in the identification, tracing, seizure, and recovery of assets, contributing to the effectiveness of the debt recovery process. This commitment to compliance and the utilization of cutting-edge technology ensures a thorough and lawful approach to debt collection.
  • Who is AAA Lenders?
    AAA Lender is one of the private investment companies specializing in the acquisition and service of nonperforming account receivables, distressed assets, and charged-off accounts. After purchasing nonperforming accounts, we place them with our outsourced network of professional law firms. These firms contact consumers to settle the account. 
  • How Can I Send a Payment?
    It is important to note that all payments related to your accounts should be made directly to the law firms within AAA Lenders' external law firm network. AAA Lenders does not have an internal debt collection function. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you transfer all payments to the servicing law firm that most recently contacted you regarding your account. This will ensure that your payments are correctly processed and applied to your account.
  • Does AAA Lenders Collect Any Debts?
    It's essential to clarify that AAA Lender is not a debt collection firm; instead, we are a debt purchasing and investment firm. Our primary focus is on acquiring distressed and nonperforming consumer receivables. The collection activities on the accounts we own are managed exclusively by our partner law firms. These law firms specialize in debt recovery and ensure that all collection efforts are conducted in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

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