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Our Offerings

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Comprehensive Suite of Investment and
Liability Management Services

At AAA Lenders, we are proud of our ability to identify overlooked investment opportunities.


AAA Lenders offers various services, including accounts receivable management, collection, portfolio purchase and asset recovery. We also purchase non-performing loans and charged-off consumer acquisition and seek opportunities in less efficient markets and pursue assets at a discount to their potential or intrinsic value, with the aim of creating value for our investors.

Account Receivable Management

We know that managing invoices and sending payment reminders to customers takes plenty of time. You can spend this time developing your business instead. The professional team at AAA Lenders has decades of combined experience and expertise in accounts receivable management and brings a unique perspective to this dynamic and ever-changing field.


Using our reliable accounts receivable management services allows you to focus more on your core business activities, maintaining your confidence in your overall credit process. 


By letting AAA Lenders take care of your invoicing and customer service, you can save time and money. AAA Lenders offers a modern billing solution that helps you customize a process that’s right for you. You can reduce administrative costs and hassle while we take care of your customer relations.

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Portfolio & Acquisition Purchase

Are overdue receivables and non-performing loans starting to burden your balance sheet? If so, you may want to sell them off and maximize liquidity. AAA Lenders can purchase non-performing loan portfolios either in full or partially.


We purchase receivables as one-off portfolios or based on a continuous forward flow arrangement. If you sell your receivables and non-performing loan portfolios, you can free up capital and improve cash flow.

Asset Recovery and Collection

AAA Lenders and our network of professional lawyers and Law firms take care of your acquisition cases, you can reduce credit losses and increase cash flow. You can focus on your core business while we take care of late payments.

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Investment and Debt Management Services
Account Receivable Management
Portfolio & Debt Purchase
Debt Collection
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Portfolio Consulting and Management

Benefit from a portfolio management operating model that allows you to focus on driving informed portfolio decisions. Operational risk, data management challenges, and administrative responsibilities multiply as portfolios evolve in complexity and scale.


Understanding that not all Distressed assets non-performing portfolios are the same, we leverage our expertise and experience in portfolio valuation and use an in-depth consumer risk analysis and evaluation to inform portfolio segmentation and prioritization decisions. This is important as it allows buyers and sellers to identify the most solvent and higher performing investment portfolio offerings.


AAA Lenders provides well-rounded solutions helmed by asset class specialists with the proper industry knowledge and experience as well as a robust technology platform to help you achieve higher accuracy, transparency, productivity, and clarity in your portfolio management processes.


Our professionals focus on institutionalizing data management workflows to ensure the accuracy and reliability of entire portfolio data, providing proactive surveillance on performance and risk.


AAA Lenders has portfolio management and consulting solutions that help you transition to better data-driven portfolio management and build resilience, continuity, and cost-efficiency.

Portfolio Consulting and Management
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Asset Recovery

Unlock value captured in distressed assets and non-performing loans by partnering with AAA Lenders. With our ability and experience in recovering assets of all types, we allow businesses to reallocate organizational and human resources to concentrate on their core operations and business deliverables.


For each NPL portfolio, we leverage our unique expertise and knowledge in asset recovery in many ways, like international asset tracing, funding, and management of legal enforcement proceedings in order to pursue asset repayment and expedite asset recovery from delinquent obligors.

Asset Recovery
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