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Our Offerings

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Comprehensive Suite of Investment and
Liability Management Services

AAA Lenders takes pride in its expertise in identifying investment opportunities that might be overlooked by others. We offer a range of services, including accounts receivable management, collection, portfolio purchase, and asset recovery. Additionally, we specialize in purchasing non-performing loans and charged-off consumer acquisitions.

Our strategy involves seeking opportunities in less efficient markets and pursuing assets at a discount to their potential or intrinsic value. By doing so, we aim to create value for our investors and offer compelling investment options that align with our commitment to delivering positive results.

Account Receivable Management

We understand that managing invoices and sending payment reminders to customers can be a time-consuming task. At AAA Lenders, we believe that you should have the freedom to focus on growing your business instead. Our professional team boasts decades of combined experience and expertise in accounts receivable management, offering a unique perspective in this dynamic and ever-changing field.

By entrusting AAA Lenders with your accounts receivable management, you can redirect your attention to your core business activities, all while maintaining confidence in your overall credit process. Our reliable accounts receivable management services provide you with the freedom to save time and money, allowing you to streamline your billing process. We offer a modern billing solution that is tailored to your specific needs, helping you reduce administrative costs and the associated hassle while we take care of your customer relations.

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Portfolio & Acquisition Purchase

If you find that overdue receivables and non-performing loans are becoming a burden on your balance sheet, you may consider selling them to maximize your liquidity. AAA Lenders offers the option to purchase non-performing loan portfolios, either in their entirety or partially.

We can acquire these receivables as one-off portfolios or establish a continuous forward flow arrangement, depending on your preferences. Selling your receivables and non-performing loan portfolios can help free up capital and improve your cash flow, providing you with the financial flexibility needed to address other strategic objectives.

Asset Recovery and Collection

With AAA Lenders and our network of professional lawyers and law firms handling your acquisition cases, you can effectively reduce credit losses and enhance your cash flow. This allows you to prioritize your core business activities while leaving the management of late payments and overdue receivables in capable hands. Our dedicated team ensures that your assets are managed efficiently and that you can maintain a strong focus on your strategic priorities without the added burden of handling late payments.

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Investment and Debt Management Services
Account Receivable Management
Portfolio & Debt Purchase
Debt Collection
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Portfolio Consulting and Management

Benefit from a portfolio management operating model that empowers you to concentrate on making informed portfolio decisions. As portfolios become more complex and scale up, operational risk, data management challenges, and administrative responsibilities can multiply.


Recognizing that not all distressed and non-performing portfolios are identical, we leverage our expertise in portfolio valuation. We employ in-depth consumer risk analysis and evaluation to inform portfolio segmentation and prioritization decisions. This approach is crucial as it enables both buyers and sellers to pinpoint the most solvent and high-performing investment portfolio offerings.


AAA Lenders provides comprehensive solutions led by asset class specialists with industry knowledge and experience, alongside a robust technology platform to enhance accuracy, transparency, productivity, and clarity in your portfolio management processes.


Our professionals focus on institutionalizing data management workflows to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the entire portfolio data. We offer proactive surveillance on performance and risk to help you make informed decisions.


AAA Lenders delivers portfolio management and consulting solutions that assist you in transitioning to better data-driven portfolio management, fostering resilience, continuity, and cost-efficiency in your operations.

Portfolio Consulting and Management
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Asset Recovery

Unlock the value trapped in distressed assets and non-performing loans by teaming up with AAA Lenders. With our proven ability and extensive experience in recovering various types of assets, we enable businesses to redirect organizational and human resources toward their core operations and business objectives.

For every non-performing loan portfolio, we capitalize on our unique expertise and knowledge in asset recovery through various methods, including international asset tracing, funding, and management of legal enforcement proceedings. This approach allows us to actively pursue asset repayment and expedite the recovery of assets from delinquent obligors, ensuring a more efficient and effective resolution.

Asset Recovery
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