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At AAA Lenders, keeping our ethics and values at the center of growth. Since we are venturing into larger business lines as well as financial domains, consumer loans, commercial and individual distress portfolios, we are always in continual need of onboarding law firms with us.


Because our law firm networks are most essential and vital in our delivery model, we keep them in highest regards. We offer best of the industry price points as well as opportunity for growth.

AAA Lenders onboard and work only on high volume, High margin portfolios ranging from Consumer loans, commercial lending, Individual and group lending businesses. We are expanding into other asset recovery business areas.

Our nationwide network provides most efficient, ethical and legally compliant framework for asset recovery and our proven track record as well as happy network makes it easier for success.

We deal only in direct and “fresh” assets from lenders and do not work on 2nd or 3rd level recovery portfolios. Our forward flow mechanism of providing continual incremental data to partner law firms makes it easier and efficient.

We offer nationwide scale of recovery portfolios to our partner law firms in really good range.

We take pride in data provide and aggregator company and do not indulge in house collections. Our lawyer networks do all the recoveries with their own pace and mechanisms at the most competitive price points. All the collections go directly to law firms.

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