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At AAA Lenders, our commitment to ethics and values remains at the forefront of our growth strategy. As we expand into larger business lines and various financial domains, including consumer loans, commercial lending, and individual and group distress portfolios, we have an ongoing need to onboard law firms to partner with us.

Recognizing the critical role our law firm networks play in our service delivery model, we hold them in the highest regard. We offer competitive price points within the industry and provide opportunities for growth to our law firm partners.

AAA Lenders exclusively onboards and works with high-volume, high-margin portfolios, spanning consumer loans, commercial lending, individual and group lending businesses. We are also expanding into other asset recovery business areas. Our nationwide network is designed to provide an efficient, ethical, and legally compliant framework for asset recovery. Our proven track record and positive relationships within our network make it easier for us to achieve success.

We exclusively deal with direct and "fresh" assets from lenders, refraining from working on 2nd or 3rd level recovery portfolios. Our forward flow mechanism, which involves providing continual incremental data to partner law firms, enhances efficiency in the recovery process.

We offer a nationwide scale of recovery portfolios to our partner law firms across a broad range of offerings.

We take pride in being a data provider and aggregator company, and we do not engage in-house collections. All collections are handled directly by our lawyer networks, each at their own pace and using their own mechanisms, all at competitive price points. The collections are routed directly to the law firms, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process.

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We extend a warm invitation to law firms to partner with us and embark on this journey together. To express your interest or get in touch, please complete the form below or reach out to us at:

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We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate and achieve mutual success.
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