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Our Clients

AAA Lenders is a US-based private financial investment and acquisition management company specializing in purchasing performing and non-performing acquisition portfolios from banks and financial institutions. We have a successful history of operations in buying and managing distressed and delinquent consumer receivables in the USA Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) industry. 

With the evolution in the best practices and procedures in the regulatory environment, risk assessment, and corporate governance, AAA Lenders proactively provides the critical information and insights needed to stay informed and address potential issues and risks. 

We are a multi-strategy investment and acquisition management firm focused on investing in NPL portfolios to meet our clients’ objectives. 

We have purchased and managed numerous of consumer credit portfolios, including automobile loans, credit cards, consumer loans, marketplace lending, and other kinds of specialty portfolios. Being a private investor that offers asset recovery, AAA Lenders has partnered with our law firms to ensure consumers are treated with care and respect. 

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Commercial Credit Assets and Portfolios

Commercial Credit Assets

AAA Lenders possesses extensive experience and expertise in investing and purchasing distressed loans and NPL portfolios and knows that timing is essential when identifying non-performing business-to-business accounts with low risks and high returns. 

Our diverse clientele includes investment banks, insurance companies, credit funds, private equity firms, family offices, advisory firms, and fund-of-funds. Within a brief span of time, AAA Lenders has developed an enviable clientele, including leading investors across the credit and alternative asset markets. 

We know that it is essential to consider a variety of factors and variables to identify the most effective and efficient course of action or identify the most suitable investments and asset classes. Identifying a non-performing B2B account early is strongly linked to optimal return on investment. 

We also have a risk management team that works closely with portfolio managers and provides reporting, analysis, and systems support. Our robust Compliance, Legal and Client relations are our strengths. 

AAA Lenders employs our expertise and experience to achieve optimal outcomes in the recovery of corporate assets and streamline the process. This allows businesses to focus on their key business offerings rather than focusing on ancillary issues.

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Estates Assets

We have several years of experience in the asset recovery business and know that valuing estate acquisition assets is usually a complex process with many legal complications. The main reason is that achieving favorable returns on investment within this asset class considerably depends upon the structure of the estate plan. In most cases, this involves a time-sensitive, arduous, and legally complex process. 

Performing a comprehensive and in-depth valuation analysis helps obtain a realistic assessment of the asset’s earning potential. We are proud to achieve exceptional outcomes for our creditors in different industries and verticals, including banks, credit unions, and small businesses.

Estates Assets

Banking and Financial Assets

AAA Lenders invests throughout the corporate capital structure, from equity to senior secured acquisition, in both distressed and non-performing assets and portfolios. AAA Lenders Inc has the team, capital, and reputation for helping companies, banks, and financial institutions meet their legal and financial needs. 

Our diverse experience and expertise in financial and banking services are broad and span all segments of the USA financial services sector, such as automotive finance institutions, credit unions, and credit card companies.

Knowing that banks, insurance companies, and other financial service institutions work in a highly regulated and competitive business environment, we approach these credit accounts with the aim of maintaining.

Banking and Financial Assets

Consumer Resources and Knowledge Center

It is our central location for resources, news, tools, and insights. AAA Lenders understands that sometimes consumers may fall behind on their bills and financial obligations, such as credit card payments. 

However, they never want to find themselves in that tricky situation. We make it simpler to fulfill that obligation thoughtfully and positively. Honoring our commitment and dedication to providing a positive and seamless consumer experience, we have compiled the following educational and informational resources. 

At AAA Lenders, we pride ourselves on our unmatched resolve and commitment to providing amicable solutions to consumer acquisitions’ while helping them honor their credit obligations.  

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Consumer Resources and Knowledge Center

News and Events

Upcoming Events for: Asset buyers/ Collection agencies/ Law firms

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